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Oxidized Snake Silver Ring

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Oxidized Snake Silver Ring

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  • We also have 6US,6.5US,7US,8US,9US,10US sizes of this ring available, if you want a ring of any these size, you can mention it in the purchase note while Ordering it. If you do not mention the any ring size in the purchase note, then you will be get a ring of the size that is mentioned in the description.

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Additional information

Weight 2.7 g
Dimensions 6 × 19 mm
Metal Stamp 925
Material Sterling Silver
Metal Silver
Model Number GOS-R-290
Resizable Adjustable


925 Sterling Silver | Oxidized Snake Ring Jewelry ?crafted into a delicate design of a snake, this ring coils over your finger like a comfortable glove. Gem O sparkle wishes to give you a beautiful rejuvenating piece of jewelry to wear! You can achieve that with grace and ease with our 925 Sterling silver Snake ring. Crafted into a delicate design of a snake, this ring coils over your finger like a comfortable glove. To illustrate its quality, this ring is made out of good quality sterling silver, making it a great fit for regular use.

Furthermore, the best feature about this ring is its adjustability! You can easily adjust this unique snake ring to fit your needs! Consequently, you will not have to compromise style for size with this exquisite snake ring! Add that bold edge to your personality with this extremely durable ring.

Specifically speaking, snakes have always been a sign of good fortune and health in India. Considered as a devta (God), we have seen the symbol of a snake in temples and places of holy divinity. It is the unwavering symbol of the great Shiva. Historically, the significance of this beautiful snake symbol has stood to represent fertility!

Of course, many pieces of jewelry worn by royal women often depicted the symbol of a snake. 925 Sterling Silver | Oxidized Snake Ring Jewelry represents the circle of life as well. Besides, a power to create a life force lay with women and this unique symbolism was an appreciation of this wonderous ability. Just as snakes shed their skin, we must also shed the burdens of our past and move into the future with a fresher outlook on life!

Thus, if you wish to receive and bestow the blessings of vitality and long life, invest in buying this ring! Gift a beautiful silver snake ring to your loved ones now!

  • Material – Sterling Silver
  • 925 Sterling Silver Snake Ring
  • Complete with intricate snake scales and snake head
  • Adjustable ring, can be adjusted to any finger size

Appropriate for men, women and girls alike

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