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Anika Golden Plated Fashion Bracelet For Women & Girls

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Anika Golden Plated Fashion Bracelet For Women & Girls

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SKU: BRC11-1-1



  • Metal Name:- Brass (Imitation)
  • Color :- Flash Gold
  • Department :- Women & Girls
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Additional information

Weight 7.61 g
Dimensions 87 × 20 × 87 mm
Material Brass
Metal Imitation
Model Number GOS-BRC-011
Resizable Yes


Fashion Anika Golden Bracelet For Women & Girls Bracelets are easily one of the most beautiful. Charming ornaments for women and girls alike. The variety and creativity in this genre of jewelry has been unmatch for quite some time. Until now. Gem O Sparkle is extremely proud to present an exquisite product for women. The Fashion Anika Golden Bracelet For Women and Girls!


Fashion Anika Golden Bracelet For Women & Girls unbelievably mesmerizing Golden Bracelet carries the charm of a thousand suns on itself. The product is crafted out of pure brass which makes it an extremely strong and durable product. Daily wear is supportable and even encouraged with a unique piece of jewelry such as our Anika Golden Bracelet!


Firstly, the gold plating gives it the look of real gold jewelry, imitating its luxurious finish and stylish elegance. A lot of care was taken while designing this exquisite bracelet. To provide a truly unique piece of jewelry for our female customers, we have included delicate triangle designs and long chains. Each chain is complete with a crescent moon design at the end of it.


The delicate Anika Golden Bracelet is very much adjustable.Suited to every kind of customer and their needs. Show off your lovely wrists by adorning them with our special Anika Golden Bracelet.

Wearing this bracelet to any special event or function will definitely catch the eye of onlookers.

Every special woman, girl and lady in your life deserve to experience this unique ornament at least once in their life. Bring joy in abundance and gift your loved ones an Anika Golden Bracelet this festive season. Grab this one-of-a-kind Bracelet on our website. Enjoy the pleasure of wearing your very own Anika Golden Bracelet!

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3 reviews for Anika Golden Plated Fashion Bracelet For Women & Girls

  1. Kajal hadaliya


  2. Kajal hadaliya

    Very good

  3. Kajal hadaliya

    Nice breslate

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