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Round Shape Rose Quartz Gemstone Silver Plating Stud Silver Earrings for Women & Girls

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Round Shape Rose Quartz Gemstone Silver Plating Stud Silver Earrings for Women & Girls

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  • Feature: Weight- 2.00 Grams
  • DESIGN & STYLE — Birthstone Earrings represent the Color of your Birthday Month. Birthstone for April is Rose Quartz. Wearing your birthstone is a symbol of Wellness and Good Fortune. Perfect addition to any Jewelry Collection to wear with any outfit making you always feel special!
  • PURE SILVER – Gem O Sparkle Birthstone Solitaire Earrings are made from 92.5 Sterling Silver – it is Engraved on the Earring Back – Purest form of silver for jewelry! making you feel like Royalty.
  • JEWELLERY CARE: Keep This Piece Shining And Scratch-Free, Avoid Contact With Corrosive Liquids And Other Harsh Chemicals.
  • LOVELY GIFT — Packed in a Jewelry Box perfect Valentine gift for Girls, Anniversary gift for Wife, Girlfriends, Spouse, Women for Birthdays, Weddings, Diwali, Parties, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s etc.
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Additional information

Weight 1.27 g
Brand :

Gem O Sparkle

Stone :

Green Onyx

Stone Shape :


Material :

925 Sterling Silver

Plating :



If April-born people could be described in one word, it would be Stunners. Such personalities are irresistible from the get-go – pulling you in with their easy charms and charismatic way of being. What?s more, their lucky gemstone, i.e., their birthstone is the resplendent Rose Quartz gemstone!
For April-borns, it is considered extremely lucky to wear Rose Quartz jewellery regularly. The benefits of wearing Rose Quartz earring studs are far too many. This delicate blush-pink gemstone is extremely popular for its ability to heal a host of relationship problems. Additionally, it enhances the positive personality traits of April-borns and facilitates a beautiful environment of understanding and compassion. Wearing the best Rose Quartz jewellery is known to help in strengthening the blood circulation of the body too. Like we said, the benefits of Rose Quartz everyday jewellery is truly endless.
At Gem O Sparkle, we have created the perfect pair of Rose Quartz stud earrings for you. You hear right. Our strikingly minimalist pair of fashion stud earrings for women can improve your mental health and look gorgeous on your delicate ears!
Shopping with us is a guarantee of high quality and top service. We know, dear April-borns, that your charismatic personalities deserve the best, and we are here with the best Round-shaped stud earrings for you.
One of the standout elements of Gem O Sparkle?s latest birthstone earring collection is its stylish Rose Quartz earring studs. Our dearest April-born customers have the best birthstone jewellery option with our blushing pink gemstone and minimalist earring studs design. The best part? We use the best quality Sterling Silver as the base of the earring pair, lending it a worldwide standard that is impossible to beat. It is our number one priority that all of our customers should get the benefits of wearing the best Rose Quartz earrings. To follow up on our promises, we are here to provide them to you with speedy delivery and incredibly good prices.
Did you know that these earring stud pairs make for the Perfect gift for your partner? Thanks to its stylish design, it can seamlessly integrate into your everyday wardrobe without a problem! Want to wear it to your best friend?s birthday? Or maybe you want to wear it for your sister?s wedding? No worries! Our earrings are here for you. Shine bright with Gem O Sparkle?s best birthstone earrings collection.
Join us in our beautiful birthstone jewellery journey and buy the best for your loved ones.


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