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Fashion Two-Tone Pyramid Self Defense Ring Jewelry

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Fashion Two-Tone Pyramid Self Defense Ring Jewelry

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SKU: GOS_R_570_3

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  • We also have 6US,6.5US,7US,8US,9US,10US sizes of this ring available, if you want a ring of any these size, you can mention it in the purchase note while Ordering it. If you do not mention the any ring size in the purchase note, then you will be get a ring of the size that is mentioned in the description.

Additional information

Weight5.5 g
Dimensions5 × 14 mm


Fashion Two-Tone Pyramid Self Defense Ring Jewelry is inspired by the pyramids of Egypt. At the spiritual level, the pyramid is a symbol for the integration of self and soul. The ancient Egyptians saw the shape of the pyramids as a method of providing new life to the dead because the pyramid represented the form of the physical body emerging from the earth and ascending towards the light of the sun. Same as There are many things you need to learn and train.

Develop situational awareness, and learn to recognize a threat. Learn to diffuse an attack using verbal skills and body language. Develop physical self-defense skills with a wide range of applications. Cultivate athleticism and pursue fitness so that you will have confidence in your body to perform under stress. All of these skills will give you a strong base you can draw on when you are confronted with a threat.

To use, put your fingers through the ring. The leaf of the ring is used to defend yourself against an attacker. Even if your punch or wipe is a bit. You can catch a piece of him and inflict pain from any direction.

Fashion Two-Tone Pyramid Self Defense Ring Jewelry is in Two-Tone plating in flash gold and silver. When you order, you can customize this flower ring, you can choose either a rose gold, flash gold, two-tone, silver, silver oxidized, and black Rodium.

Things to remember

  1. First Practice and built your confidence. Practice will increase your reflex action.
  2. Never ever underestimate your attacker.
  3. Put it when you are out, try to avoid it at home especially with the children.

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