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Fashion CZ Stone Gold Plated Floral Mangalsutra Jewelry

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Fashion CZ Stone Gold Plated Floral Mangalsutra Jewelry

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Additional information

Weight13.31 g
Dimensions33 × 30 mm
Model NumberGOS-OM-001
Stone NameCZ
PlatingFlash Gold Plating


Fashion CZ Stone Gold Plated Floral Mangalsutra Jewelry designs of the royal mangalsutra are always attractive. They give a royal and sophisticated look at the bride and women in marriage. The latest Mangalsutra design is alternately decorated with black stone and auspicious White CZ. The pendant is gold-plated with embossed designs. It is a symbol of love, purity, and trust for new couples.

This mangalsutra is made up of high-quality brass with gold plating. The pendant is attached with a fish lock with 24 inches double black beads chain. Mangalsutra is design to use as a pendant also.

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Jewelry Care Instructions

1. Avoid your jewelry from water do not immerse Jewelry in Water.
2. Jewelry should be store in an Air-tight jewelry box.
3. Don’t use your jewelry while bathing, showering, and swimming.
4. Avoid direct Contact from Perfume body lotion or other chemicals.
5. Use a soft cloth to wipe your jewelry.

Jewelry care Tips

1  Store flat.
2  Safely store your jewelry in a box.
3  Clean Jewelry with a Polishing cloth.
4  Avoid Water/ Moisture.
5  Keep away from chemicals.
6  Avoid sleeping with Jewelry.


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